BEIRUT, LEBANON (6:25 A.M.) – The U.S. Navy fired more than 50 tomahawk cruise missiles at the Shayrat Airbase this morning, causing significant damage to this military installation in the eastern countryside of the Homs Governorate.

What we know so far:

  • U.S. missiles struck Shayrat’s airfields, aircraft hangar, and fuel tankers
  • Destroyed fuel tankers caused several explosions and a large fire that has not been put out yet
  • At least 15 fighter jets have been damaged or destroyed
  • One fighter pilot was killed – several others wounded
  • Russians were present at the airbase when it was attacked

Update: there are now reports of four deaths.

It is not known how many are injured just yet.

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  1. This may come out in an overly passionate, oriental fashion. But I mean it.

    الله يقاتلكم ويدمركم يا خونة يا جيش الشيطان
    May God fight you and destroy you, you traitors, you army of Satan!

    • wtf bitch your government gassed all of those poor civilians bitch! Your prez is fucked! your whole goddamn country is fucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • you are lier! there is no evidence. go back to prairies, the bisons are on your level.

  2. Interestingly, then the jihadist collations will certainly launch a “surprise” offensive and regain upper hand in northern Hama.

  3. So either the Russians were watching tomahawks flying through the net of their radars toward the Russian soldiers stationed in Homes, or they wanted but could not react.

    • How pathetic Russia looks with its tail between its paws in front of one of the greatest injustices against its ally Syria being outraged without them not even moving a finger to avoid it.
      The truth is that I am very disappointed at the Russian reaction. Many words and at the time of the truth nothing of actions.

      • Russia is weak compared to whole satanist coalition of US/Israel and its puppets Saudi/Qatar/Turk/UK/France. We can’t blame them, they did what they could in support of Syria. China as a new superpower should have shown more initiative on the side of Russia, to supply defense systems, advanced weaponry, to make clear that invasion of this sovereign country is not to be tolerated. For China, it might be also existential in near future to stand up against madness of US to maintain its hegemony.

  4. The problem is that media relates a story without fully investigating it…
    Actually no one cares to investigate, they KNOW the regime is guilty until proven otherwise.
    Now, no one is asking (or, rather they already know very well the answer) why would any government force (including Russians) would bombard with CHEMICAL weapons a populated area…Is it because it’s fun? Is it because they think there will be no possible uproar (as it happened previously) or retaliation ?
    It’s not as if the Assad forces were cornered and in a defensive situation and they decide “Hey, let’s chemical bomb this peaceful population, so the armed rebellion/thugs/terrorists (whatever they are) who are making the life of the locals hell stop their attack against us”??
    It’s a clear setup. By whom, obviously I don’t know, but it needs to be investigated.

  5. Todo los pueblos del mundo saben que EE.UU. juega a favor de los terroristas, junto con sus medios de comunicación que sirve de propagando a favor de los mercenarios.
    Se espera la respuesta de los Rusos a esto acto, la respuesta debe ser frontal y contundente, arrazar con todos los terroristas empleando lluvia de misiles y varios aviones a la ves, dejar la diplomacia, dejar de negociar, dejar de respetar el alto al fuego con los terroristas, sin excepción.
    La pregunta: Por qué no emplearon cohetes antimisiles que había colocado en Siria.
    Espero que Rusia no termine humillado y haciendo el ridículo.


      Los rusos S-400 en Siria podría haber desactivado fácilmente los Tomahawks
      La orden vino desde arriba por eso no lo hicieron.
      El Pentágono dio a Moscú el cara a cara porque saben lo que esta en juego.

      Moscú decidió dar marcha atrás a cambio de algo que cada uno de los jugadores clave en silencio sabe

      El espectáculo Tomahawk es la forma en que el Pentágono aplasto la credibilidad del Ministerio de Defensa de Rusia.

      Ahora el Ministerio de Defensa de Rusia está desnudo.

      Habrá una respuesta?.

      Ahora no. Tal vez más tarde la guerra esta en sus etapas previas.

  6. Totally foolish asinine petulant action by Trump – causing still more blood of innocent Syrians to be on U.S. hands. How utterly angering and shameful of Trump to have done!

  7. He moronically failed to wait for the completion of the investigation – which would have revealed the deaths were caused by Syrian jets having struck illegal chemical weapon stockpiles of the terrorists…or caused by the terrorists themselves in a false flag op to bring an attack against Assad and his forces.

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