DAMASCUS, SYRIA (5:17 P.M)- Earlier this month Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated, that there was a “breakthrough” in the Middle East and hailed the Israeli states “best ever” ties with Gulf Arab countries. It now seems that it is not only Netanyahu that believes this to be so, Saudi Arabia are now warming up to idea of Israel as a “brotherly state”.

In May the ‘plan for partial normalisation of Israel’ was revealed – and although this was viewed to be nothing more than “just talk” and speculated to be going nowhere – Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have since publicly announced willingness to accept the normalisation of ‘the Jewish state of Israel’.

The plan back in May was laid out after Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states requested that they would act to normalise the Israeli state in their publics eyes, if Israel would slow down its settlement expansion.

There was a plan was supposedly drafted in Egypt that stated – according to a Twitter account that is reporting from within the Saudi Royal family – that, the Gulf Arab states and Egypt aim to “distance any political, cultural, educational, financial, religious effect on the people of Egypt and the Gulf States in order to reach a state of full and eternal normalisation with Israel.”

Since then the King of Bahrain ‘Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah’ has stated that other Arab states have to be “kinder to Israel” and the Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Salman has reportedly backed plans to accept Israel as a “brotherly state”.

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An Israeli-US organisation have also invested in setting up syllabus in a school located in the rebel held Idlib province of Syria and according to the business man and head of the organisation Moti Kahana, this is hoped “to change the popular Syrian position towards Israel”.

It is clear that Israel – along with their backing of the creation of an independent Kurdish state – seem to be thinking they can buy and negotiate domination of the region (as a super power) and normalise their actions as a state.

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  1. Pardon, but I believe I pointed out before; “The House of Saud” are no Arabs, the House of Saud is part of the Khazarian mob. There are others in the region i.e. Masoud Barzani and his entourage.
    There is much more to say about the levant. If somebody is interested I will be here for another 3, 4 weeks or so. SF

    • As long as it takes to get the sheep running according to their needs and as long as it suits those creatures.
      Most of the entities on planet earth are arrogant, ignorant narcissists. They think in a couple of decades, at most a century. Those creatures planning for millennia.

      • The despotic Gulf States and the Saudi’s must be very frightened of internal uprisings if they have sold their souls to Israel for Nuclear protection.
        Israels price will be oceans of Arab blood I suspect.

        • I think you misunderstood? It is one and the same. And don’t worry about their souls, those creatures don’t have one.
          Just listen to Iran like recently “That we say that the Zionist regime will not see 25 years later doesn’t mean that it will certainly survive for 25 years,”.
          The Iran is very careful with the wording, like they always refer to the “big Satan” when they talk about the USofA, and the Zionist regime, not Israel.
          There are already oceans of Arab blood all over the levant. Not just since a couple of years, since decades now. i.e. the people of Iraq suffer close to 40 years ongoing war, and more to come.

  2. Well, it’s high time Arabs began to stop acting irrational…
    Now, were I Israeli, I wouldn’t have ANY trust into them.
    Arab-League attacked them constantly since the day 2 of the creation of the Israeli state. They tried anything! War, terrorism, inventing an artificial people (the Fakestinians), just a few months ago they even politicized the UNESCO in order to snub Israel and now they call ’em their brothers?
    One should always remember the Hudaibiyyah treaty, and same thing about the nuke treaty with Iran…
    Never trust bigots, they have imaginary friends, this means they are loonies.
    Let’s see if the al-Saouds liquidate their rabid wahhabist clergy for a beginning…

    • They Saudis are not Arabs but cripto Joos, Why would they liquidate wahabism who is as of today at service of the zionist abomination? Real Arabs will burn you to ashes, Idlib will be scorched ground before it can reach the status of zionist enclave,no effort will be spared in that direction.

  3. This is FACTUALLy incorrect and I see the Israeli Fake Syrian Profiles have been busy swaying the masses again to the extent that pure fabrications quoted from as far back as MAY have been regurgitated like Tourrets without any evidence. Because there is none.

    Moreover – yet again – the ignorance about Libya and the blatantly visible alliance between Israel and Qatar there backed by Boris Johnson’s Saudi Qatar Investment POrtfolio and his best friend PM of Warwick Kurd National who has an Oil and GAs Company dealing in Kurdistan – and that’s woithout even going into the Qatari bludgeonings in Libya allied even with Ukraine VISIBLY 9using Ukraine Kiev F1 Pilots and Engineers in Misrata) – this is like reading MEMO or AJ News. (Which is where it originated)….

    I’m astonished this new so called writer has been given space on this publication.

    The truth about Saudi and Israel from May of this year is that Saudi indeed stated that there would be a trade off in relations by allowing Flights from Palestine to Saudi to transport Palestinians to Mecca to worship – it was something offered by the Israelis (as if Saudi would fall for Israeli Flight Staff opening there???) and Saudi stated they would consider it if Israel backed out of the Settlements.

    Israel also stated that it had been finalised (and you believe them? :O!!!) – yet when Jordan was asked (where the flights were going to take off from) – Jordan said no such deal had been reached or even discussed.

    This is the ONLY evidenced discusssion that has taken place and both Israel and the Largest US Base on Qatar State Media (and sponsors of Terror in Syria) took it to such extremes of MSM Hasbara – it defies belief that ANY except the MSM driven SHEEP lead by donkeys couldn’t have the skill to source FACTS.

    Al Masdar News needs to employ a PALESTINIAN who is oh fe with all of this – or at least check Palestinian Political Media before accepting this Israeli biased Hasbara Trolling type rubbish. It is exactly THIS type of GASLIGHTING of FACTS that was responsible for recruiting so mush Terror to these Countries. And discredits what is usually nearly 100% FACTUAL INFORMATION with alarming and outstanding DISINFORMATION.

    I’ve spent quite a while researching to see if there is anything else new since May that could correctly provoke this – and there is none.

    Remember Al Masdar News – Qatar is the largest Gas Producer in the World and was the reason (Gas Pipe) fort he Syria War. It’s had a long and blatant relationship with the UK Regime, and is allied with Israel in LIbya to the extent that Qatar was assisting the creation of an Israeli State in Libya – and is still trying to. Saudi has never had an involvement AT ALL with Libya War – where ISIS and AQ have wreaked just as much damaage and Qatar is HOST to the largest US Base in Global History.

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