DAMASCUS, SYRIA (2:05 A.M.) – Media wing of the so-called “Islamic State” has published a batch of images showing the aftermath of a raid the designated terrorist group conducted on a military camp held by US-backed Jaish Maghawir Al-Thourah (“Army of Revolutionary Guards”) near Al-Tanf border crossing.

According to IS media statement, jihadists used 8 “inghimassi” (elite fighters) to penetrate into the camp. One of these “inghimassi” is shown on the photo below:

Eight Maghawir Al-Thourah militants were reportedly captured alive and executed by IS soon afterwards. Below are the photos of two of them:


In addition to that, IS media published several photos found on mobile phones of US-backed militants. Several U.S. military advisers are present on the pictures:

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    • Again some ridiculous commentary.
      And by someone who definitively doesn’t knows how war damages look and that you don’t need to hit directly to put something out of use.
      A single 20mm Giat flechette round puts a Humvee on the roof, have a blast happen just near, even with a 12-15k 120mm mortar shell falling near, such kind of damages are typical.
      You’re not into alternative facts, Deo Cass, you’re in altered reality with a belly full of bile and a mind filled with hatred which will surely end with you wearing a suicide vest, detonating it a mall or a concert.
      Even Syrian, Iranian or Russian government don’t proffer the totally nonsense accusation your are doing! And we can’t tell Iran is US friendly.
      And, BTW, I’m not pro-US/UK too, I’m one of those who advocate building an EU-Army for years, scrapping NATO then teaming with Russia and India, having a Shia “YPG” taking over east Saudi-Arabia, having Qatar made an Indian province and cutting Turkey in 4 parts between Greece, Kurdistan and Armenia.
      Your set of mind, and those believing your paranoid analysis can only make things going worse. This is a dead-end that, if applied on a large scale, can only escalate and we have nuke powers in presence, each with enough stockpile to make 2-3 times this planet a radioactive snowball with no more photosynthesis.
      Moreover, the US admin surely plays dirty but they’re not idiots. Thus, Mattis is true to himself and not nicknamed ‘Mad Dog’ without reason. US are really working at dismantling Da’ish and it’s not a big problem to have a mutual annihilation between these and other groups, it’s even very convenient.
      Now what US is thriving for is more keeping its place as the major actor in the region, I should even say THE big voice on the world’s stage, the one you can’t do without but it’s really compromised as it’s hard to swallow that now EU and China’s economies are on par, India and Brazil are rising, EU and Japan are less and less into backing US foreign policy, actually, with UK’s BrExit, EU getting rid of the Trojan Horse is much less compliant, thus it’s not new : France and Germany already said fuck off to the Iraqi invasion…
      It doesn’t works like you say, your vision is flawed.

      • @ Deashbag “I’m one of those who advocate building an EU-Army for years,”

        That is interesting and in fairly recent history the two leaders who achieved that for a time were Napoleon and Hitler. You will of course be aware that the Waffen SS recruited many tens of thousands from European countries and the French Waffen SS Charlemagne fought with distinction in the Battle for Berlin.


      • ” I’m one of those who advocate building an EU-Army for years” Why do you think that this will change anything? The US, UK, France, Germany… have all the same Imperialist agenda and that is to keep the Third World down so that they can be up. You talk about how France and Germany did not go to Iraq, BUT they bombed Yugoslavia, they occupied Afghanistan, France bombed Libya, they are helping the “rebels” in Syria… Japan is still helping the US in its aggression against the DPRK.

      • I don’t think that there’s some special kind of artillery which is able to strip away the front axle *after putting it on a pillar* for convenient disassembly and recovery of further spares.
        That car has undoubtly been smashed by *something*… only, it happened a good while ago. The photo is cut in order to hide other vehicles’ carcasses in the background, but they can still be spotted. That’s the junkyard of a mechanic’s facility.

        Besides, the question may be moot.
        Nowhere in the new is reported that technicals got hit.
        And, AMN often uses archival material for the opening photo. I see credits given for photos in the body of the article but not for the opening one.

      • As per your “Even Syrian, Iranian or Russian government don’t proffer the totally nonsense accusation your are doing!”
        Actually, Russian MoD plus Lavrov personally have *clearly* stated that US military are *defending* terrorists and preventing legitimate players to fight against them, both in northern and southern front. More, that they (and their Kurdish proxies) are in cahoots with Daesh on the Raqqa front to enable the establishment of Deir Ez Zor as the new capitol of the Caliphate.

        This is undoubtely concoted in order to “fight” them in future; to put a yellow+star-striped flag on Deir Ez Zor; and to claim the eastern part of Syria as “no-Assad-zone”.
        Which is why their Kurdish puppies are rushing to occupy villages which are irrelevant to their Raqqa front but are quite useful to try and prevent the Tigers from advancing toward DEZ.
        Which is why they downed a Syrian jet operating against Daesh in a zone where SAA is wrestling control (and SDF filth isn’t present).
        Which is why Daesh got those brand new TOWs.
        Which is why their Kurdish satraps “warn against” the PMUs in action on either side of the Iraqi-Syrian border. And, those satraps do that on the pretext that PMUs are “Iranian proxies” – a reasoning suspiciously similar to Trump/Saud’s train of thoughts.

        I’m afraid that the one unable to connect the MANY dots available in plain sight is you.
        And excuse me for assuming that your so-called anarchist view is totally flawed, as it is the case of every contemporary left-winged thinking: ideology trumps rationality, and anything even vaguely “lefty” is automatically a good thing (“Arab springs”, anyone?).
        But this is the way an hooligan thinks, and it’s quite the opposite of good ole anarchists’ way, whose pride was of calling themselves “free thinkers”.