BEIRUT, LEBANON (12:55 P.M.) – The Iraqi paramilitary Harakat Hezbollah Al-Nujaba threatened to attack the U.S. military in Iraq following President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the Reuters News Agency reported on Thursday.

Harakat Al-Nujaba is Iranian backed and considered one of the largest paramilitaries that is operating inside Iraq.

In addition to their presence in Iraq, Harakat Al-Nujaba has many fighters inside Syria that fighting alongside the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and Hezbollah.

Harakat Al-Nujaba has been attacked by the U.S. forces in the past, due to their offensive that targeted the Tanf Military Base in southeast Homs.

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Notable Replies

  1. The US decision to locate their embassy to Jerusalem now makes more sense if we consider the US declaration that any attacks on US ‘interests’ by Iranian linked groups will be the responsibility of Iran.

    The US are of course engineering a faux Casus Belli.

  2. If everyone was more minding his own business in the Middle-East, things would surely get much better!

  3. For once you are right. They’ll surely go after Iran and need either Iran or some Iranian-linked militia e.g. Hezbollah to shoot first as UNSC won’t give the green light.
    Congress is unlikely to give the green light too unless US troops are under attack.
    So easy to manipulate these bigots that are too stupid by messing with others’ affairs, not minding their own business.
    Seriously, who cares where US have their embassy in Israel?
    And it’s the same shit for every day life in many MENA countries, people spy on their neighbours and gossip like hell, creating troubles in the neighbourhood.

  4. This is a conflict the U.S. cannot “win” in any sense. They are not as isolated as they think.

  5. They all mind their own - and do not let the neighbour mind his.
    Like EU nations do since WW II:

  6. Faux or not. Hope the Arabs are not stupid enough to comply.
    Israel and the US will hold the SAA responsible for attacks from Syria.

  7. It’s even why Assad should really (I know it will unplease more than one to read this) consider a… Peace treaty with Israel.
    It’d had been much easier had Bibi followed the air-marshall Eshel’s plan to launch a massive air campaign on ISIS.
    The region SHALL be stabilised…
    And the only Arabs are on the Arabian peninsula…
    Syrians, Iraqis, Lebanese or Iranians are not Arabs, they were invaded by Arabs and cutted from their roots.
    When you consider how the Arab league treated Syria since 2011, it’d deserve Syria to reinstall Syriac language and as we are switch to Roman alphabet, just to say :fu:t4: to the Arab-League.
    Nevertheless, I think Assad should pattern his attitude on Putin : look : the Russians talk, deal and trade with everybody in a constructive way, no matter if it’s the Iranians or the Israelis, the Turks or the Saudis, there are even YPG bases in Afrin canton with Russian troops and the Russian flag so Erdogan will think twice before bombing.
    Syria shall no more get involved into anything that may bring her into harm’s way, even if it means that Khamenei or Nasrallah will be unhappy with it.
    Much too much blood has been spilled and there’s half of the country to rebuild.
    Syria’s interests shall prevail and Syria’s interest is not to become the battlefield for an Iran-Israel war.

  8. [quote=“DaeshbagsSux, post:8, topic:301”] Syrians, Iraqis, Lebanese or … are not Arabs…
    When you consider how the Arab league treated Syria since 2011, it’d deserve Syria to reinstall Syriac language and as we are switch to Roman alphabet, just to say :fu:t4: to the Arab-League.

    But they see themselves as Arabs - and they speak Arabic.

    The Arab League has never fulfilled its promises and obligation to the front states against Israel especially not to Syria. Syria should stop paying the costs of a confrontation with Israel and make peace.

  9. Yeah, but they are not Arabs, neither are Egyptians, nor are Maghrebines/Libyans

    This is obvious. Moreover, this is absolutely not a problem to build peace with Israel, as Egypt and Jordan proved it…
    Now, if some country implies itself at destroying Israel or at baking terrorist actions against them, they’re poorly placed to complain if Israelis play dirty on them : they asked for it!
    I 100% agree with you. The best thing Syria can do is a peace treaty, even if their Iranian allies are furious.
    In fact, Iranians should give up their heathen rhetoric too : this is completely irrational and can only backfire. Even Putin publicly said their attitude towards Israel was intolerable and yeep, it violates UN charter.
    The region must be stabilised and the only solution is peace.
    Actually, the Arab League, the OIC, the GCC, the Iranian mullahs but also both US and former Soviet administrations did a real mess with their powerplay in the region.
    Even the Palestinian artificial people was created as a tool to destroy the Hebrew state in order to go on creating troubles forever and their leadership is intimately linked to the fanatics into the Muslim Brotherhood.
    There are millions suffering for irrational reasons, this shall stop, period!

  10. If Israel stopped stealing Palestinian lands 'things would be a lot lot better Daeshbag.

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