DAMASCUS, SYRIA (DEC 6, 2:49 A.M.) – Opposition sources have revealed that big meetings took place between rebel commanders and Israeli representatives on the 2nd of December in preparation for a joint offensive in the Yarmouk Valley in west Dara’a.

The planned operation aims to minimize the ISIS presence in the area that has witnessed a swift expansion of ISIS influence and domain over the past few months.

Israeli support will most likely be confined to drone strikes and ground-to-ground missile bombardment of ISIS positions in the Yarmouk Valley.

Notably, rebel factions had launched a major offensive codenamed “The People of the Land” against the ISIS-affiliated Jaish Khalid Ibn al-Walid on the 28th of November. Aided by limited Israeli air support, the insurgents were able to make minor advances on the Tasil front before the terrorist group was able to quickly reverse all the former’s gains in a counterattack.

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Notable Replies

  1. The Jews will try one last effort to launch a crusade against the Muslims and the Syrian people. This will be the worse mistake they would make of their soon to end lives. FSA traitors and western mercenaries with no honor would also be rid of and finally Israhell once and for all will get what it deserves! The mighty armies of Sham such as the SAA and her allies will easily wipe the Zionist CIA filth off the planet to the hell they deserve for they choose to follow Satan and not God!

  2. Lets hope your right… or they could be trying to occupy more land under the guise of fighting ISIS as Turkey has done :worried:

  3. Have you freaking red the article???
    It’s all about the ISIS held area around Tasil, just at the Israel/Syria/Jordan border.
    Re-read :
    "Israeli support will most likely be confined to drone strikes and ground-to-ground missile bombardment of ISIS positions in the Yarmouk Valley."
    Why does everybody goes so stupid any time they read the word Israel?
    Actually, if I’m furious on Netanyahu acts, it’s about not have put in place what
    air-marshall Eshel advocated (and the idea received Putin’s blessing!) :
    Launching a MASSIVE air campaign against ISIS!
    Strangely, at the moment it seemed to take serious form, Obongo came
    with his $38bln check and Bibi dismissed the idea.
    In fact, Israel missed, by not doing it, a formidable opportunity to
    build a serious friendship with Syria by really helping a neighbour in peril.
    The mighty Israeli air-force would have hammered ISIS in an impressive matter as
    they have about 15x the gear Russia sent to help!
    Moreover, since they use APKWS guided 70mm rockets in pods of 19, it’s not a problem for any aircraft to blast more than a hundred targets per flight!
    Even only 48h of such a campaign would have been a gigantic blast to IS.
    What a pity not having done this, especially as Eshel had planned the whole operation.

  4. What was not civil?
    Asking if they red the article?
    For once Israelis decide for a positive action : droning cockroaches, why not seeing it for what it is?
    Is it not being civil that noting that any time the name of Israel is mentioned, many become totally irrational in other terms, stupid. It’s not a very strong word, although in English.
    Or is it the fact of refusing to be blinded by double standards and big lies, no matter the side they come from, that is seen as ‘not civil’?

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