DAMASCUS, SYRIA (1:00 A.M.) – The Islamic State released a characteristic 16-minute video on Friday, showing large jihadist convoys and Inghimasi units attacking Iraqi outposts and army bases, including Asad Airbase, in western Anbar.

Islamic State fighters could also be seen boosting moral before the battles and cheering after capturing spoils of war from the Iraqi Armed Forces.

The footage is highly graphic and must not be viewed by adolescents:

Al-Masdar News does not in anyone condone terrorism but insists on allowing readers perspective from both sides. The video is for educational use only.

Meanwhile, the Iraqi Army has won the upper hand in the battle for Mosul as Iraq’s second largest city is expected to be brought under government control within weeks.

Once this northern campaign is concluded, the Iraqi Armed Forces and allied paramilitary factions are expected to hunt down ISIS insurgents across the vast Anbar desert, known to be a jihadist hotbed.

Given the current rate of Iraqi advances, ISIS is likely to be defeat in Iraq within two years although suicide bombings, especially in the capital, are likely to continue.

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2 Comments on "+18 graphic propaganda video: ISIS conducts deadly raids across western Iraq"

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Daeshbags Sux
Rookie Mentor
Daeshbags Sux

The fact that these roaches can move at will in the desert proves what I stress for long : the serious lack of aerial support. Would this be done, having NDZ (no drive zones) would have ended the conflict for long now!
LMAO, there are 10 Rafales in Jordan that are asked for only about 6 strikes a week by CENTCOM while from a pure technical POV, they could make 3000-4000 strikes a day! Was there a political will to do so, crushing ISIS wouldn’t take 2 years but two days!

Carlos Emilio Herrera Arcila
Puros vídeos viejos de hace tres (3) años, exhibidos por esos fantoches del ISIS. Ahora es imposible que esas tomas sangrientas las realizan esos bandidos islámicos, atacando guarniciones indefensas del ejército iraquí tan impunemente. Donde hoy ocurra eso, la aviación iraquí y el ejército iraquí se moviliza rápidamente y los aniquila de una, para no contar el cuento. La mayoría de esas ratas islámicas están bajo tierra, pudriéndose. Vaya los de ISIS con ese hueso a otra parte, vayan al infierno. AMN deje de darle pantalla a esos canallas, ustedes son cómplices de esos granujas.